Fusion™ Mineral Paint Metallics Vintage Gold


250 ml – 19.95
37 ml – 9.95

This colour was inspired by Jamie Lundstrom from So Much Better With Age and her absolutely stunning DIY projects and love of French Vintage decor. If you crave an aged look that transcends time, this is the metallic paint for you.

Zero VOC
Minimal Prep
Built in top coat

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Metallics are the same as usual mineral paint – minimal prep and you can start painting. But their pigments are more translucent, so before painting with metallics, paint  the base with similar colors from our range. Their shine is achieved with mica flakes, so try to paint with one way brush strokes.

  • Unfinished raw wood – paint right away!
  • Waxed or oiled surfaces – use white spirit or other degreaser to remove water repellent grease
  • All surfaces with laques, varnish or paint should be lightly sanded before painting. This way paint will adhere better to surfaces.
  • Difficult surfaces as glass, metal, plastic, laminates etc. need little help from Ultra Grip before painting
  • Let paint dry 2-4 hours before adding next coat
  • Fusion Mineral Paint is fully cured after 21 days. You can use your freshly painted furniture, but be careful with it.
  • For additional protection use Fusion Tough Coat, wax or hemp oil.

Ingredients: water, 100% acrylic resin, pigments made from natural minerals



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