Fusion™ Mineral Paint Raw Silk

Fusion™ Mineral Paint Raw Silk
500 ml – 23,95
37 ml – 4,95

A warm old white with barely a hint of yellow and just a touch of grey.
The colour of newly formed silk – the perfect off white.

Zero VOC
Minimal Prep
Built in top coat

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  • Unfinished raw wood – paint right away!
  • Waxed or oiled surfaces – use white spirit or other degreaser to remove water repellent grease
  • All surfaces with laques, varnish or paint should be lightly sanded before painting. This way paint will adhere better to surfaces.
  • Difficult surfaces as glass, metal, plastic, laminates etc. need little help from Ultra Grip before painting
  • Let paint dry 2-4 hours before adding next coat
  • Fusion Mineral Paint is fully cured after 21 days. You can use your freshly painted furniture, but be careful with it.
  • For additional protection use Fusion Tough Coat, wax or hemp oil.

Ingredients: water, 100% acrylic resin, pigments made from natural minerals


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